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How to make an order in the store ?


1. To choose a compact disc or CD-R interesting for you, use the catalogue on the main page (at the left) or the search field (on the right above). Having entered the name (surname) of the performer or the composer interesting for you in the field and having pressed the Search button, you will quickly find the disc you are looking for.

2. The CD or CD-R which you are looking for will appear on the opened page. Place it in a basket; to do this, press the button "Place in basket" placed under the name of the CD.

3. Place in the basket any quantity of CD’s or CD-R’s of any names which are available in the store warehouse.

4. For purchase registration it is necessary to go to the "My basket" section. In this section you will need to press the "Issue order" button.

5. In the "Issue order" section it is necessary to fill in the fields marked by a red asterisk; they are obligatory for filling in.

6. If you do not want to fill in the fields during registration of each new purchase, put a tick in the field "I wish to register an account" and enter a login and password.

7. Afterwards, pass to the "Delivery" section, by pressing the "Further" button at the bottom of page

8. On the "Delivery" page, choose a way of delivery and, pressing the "Further"  button in the bottom of page, Pass to "Payment” page.

9. On the "Payment" page, choose a way of payment. At this, the purchase procedure is finished. A letter with acknowledgement on acceptance of the order and with the information about the purchased CD’s, their cost, the chosen way of delivery and payment, and also the overall cost of the order, including cost of discs and delivery, will be delivered to the postal address specified at registration.

10. Time of fulfillment of the order by the store is no more than 7 days, delivery time depends on the speed of mail delivery!

11. You can check the status of ordering clicking on "Order status"

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